Monday, March 5, 2012

Girls' Room Reveal!

I suppose with all the fuss I've made over the girls' room I gave the impression that there was major construction going on over here.  My friend thought we were truly remodeling, and Nana thought I was brave enough to tackle repainting the entire room in two days.  Not exactly.  But I don't want you to miss the fact that I installed a new lampshade, supervised while Buzzard hung two shelves, and found the ideal wicker basket to store the Loving Family dollhouse accessories.  That counts as a make-over.  Right?? my changes may not have been massive in scope after all, but I'm happy with how our little rearrange turned out, so without further ado.......

I didn't take too many any "before" pictures to show you where we started from, but I did manage to find a few shots of how the room looked after Hannah left.  I ordered a precious print from Sarah Jane and had it professionally framed in a color that did not match the bedding AT ALL.  Rather leads me to wonder why I chose to hang it above the bed?  Who knows.  It obviously wasn't because the scale was even remotely perfect.  What was I thinking??  Anyway, the bedding that Hannah used was a $19 quilt-in-a-bag set from JCPenney's that served us very well for many years.  She had ivory lace curtains and accents in her room and it fit the "theme" rather well.  But...time to move on.

Buzzard and I found these bird branches at Pottery Barn Kids many months ago.  They are decals that adhere to the wall.  They are completely removable/movable and come in many pieces so they can be arranged in several different ways.  We tried "bunching" the branches into this corner, but we didn't really achieve a pleasing look.  We both got tired of wrestling with the stickers, so we kind of threw it on the wall and left it there.  The pink curtains in the window came out of Emma's old nursery.  I made them to match the baby quilt that was in the crib.  They didn't fit the windows well in this new room, not to mention the fact that they introduced a seventh shade of off pink into the mix.  The little bird mobile hanging from the ceiling ended up staying.  That came from Pottery Barn kids when I was pregnant with Emma and I've always loved it.  I think those birds will be flying around her ceiling until the day she leaves for college.  :-)

Okay, so on to the changes...

First off, I recruited a few tired pieces from my house that were deemed worthy of a make over.  A seventy-seven cent bottle of aqua acrylic paint bought these babies a whole new life.

I love how lacy and delicate the frame looks now, and it houses my all time favorite photo of Emma (age 3 months) with Mindy.  The lamp on the dresser was my Oma's, and I remember it very well in her house.  The original silk shade was badly torn, and I needed something sweet and delicate to replace it.  I was so happy to find this ruffled pink shade for only $4!!  It was the last thing I bought for the room, and it was the perfect finishing touch.  It makes me happy to have Oma represented in that room.

The other great grandmother will have an equal place of honor.  She was an artist, and one of my favorite paintings of hers is of her fabulous kitty named Tiger.  The "Tig" painting will go right at the entrance to this bedroom.  I need to solve a frame issue and get it on the wall before Hannah leaves.

The runner on the dresser is my Valentine's Day runner.  I had it sitting in this room by the attic door, waiting to be packed away.  It hit me that the colors were perfect, so I decided to use it as a dresser scarf!  I love how it accents this beautiful antique piece, and I like that I can make different runners to trade out over time.  

And would you just look at that lamp?  She went from dowdy little accessory to cutie-pom-pom-patootie.  An aqua lamp with pink pom-pom trim.  It makes my heart skip three beats.  Hannah found this one thing to be a little over the top.  Phooey.  She needs to live a little closer to the edge.  :-)

The new set of shelves came from Hobby Lobby and they house some special items worthy of being on display....a picture from prom night, a limoge box collection, poetry books, a moss rabbit from a dear friend, the goodnight Bibles that Daddy reads from every night, a clock with a story to tell.  All little (and big!) girls need a special place to display their treasures.  (And their pom pom lamps.)

The little tree and bunny came from the dollar spot at Target.  I thought Ems would get a kick out of having her very own Easter decoration.  When it gets a little closer, I will let her decorate some mini-eggs to hang on her little tree.

Ta Da!  The room at large.

The quilt at the foot of the bed was in Emma's crib.

Eventually, it will be replaced with this one.  This is the inspiration piece for the entire room.  It is a quilt made from a Moda fabric line called Bliss, which is one of my all time favorites.  The aqua/red/pink/green color scheme is reflected throughout the room.  Right now, it is just a quilt top.  I need to get it layered and machine quilted so it can be used on the bed.  One more "high priority" item for the sewing nook!  I decided to go with a white bedding set so we could trade out homemade quilts at the foot of the bed.  I looked at several comforter sets, but in the end, I'm a homemade quilt kind of gal.  :-)  The yellow mirror used to be in our guest bath.  It was gaudy gold, and it hung above a horrible pedestal sink.  The sink is long gone, and the mirror has been stashed in the garage.  I kept it because I liked the shape.  It is spray painted a very soft yellow (it looks rather harsh in the photo) and it has a wonderful chunky texture to it.  Buzzard didn't want anything heavy hanging above the bed, so we repurposed the bird branch stickers.

The pink flower pillow on the bed?? IT's wrong, wrong, wrong.  It's made of fur, I kid you not.  A furry flower.  But Emma ADORES it.  It's staying.

This is my FAVORITE part of the room.  The RED.  I mean READ.  I mean red read!  

Love it!  The shelves are from Ikea.  They hold a favorite photo of each girl, an antique vase that belonged to the mother of a friend, a cool 3-D piece of artwork from Ikea, and an incredibly sentimental collage that was made for Emma.  I may add to this space over time, but for now it is clean and simple.

The wire bird cage to the right of the dresser is 3 dimensional and actually functions like a bulletin board.  It came with clothespins, and the girls can use it to display artwork and photos.

Leonardo was Hannah's 13th birthday gift.  He is the guardian of this space, and is happiest when it is filled with girls.

Now that I've uploaded these I realize I didn't do a great job of photographing some of the details in the room.  I may try to go back and do that.  The sign above the window says "With God All Things Are Possible".  What a great thing to be reminded of day and night!  The room seems to be a big hit.  Thanks for stopping by to take a peek at our mini makeover! 


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