Monday, March 19, 2012

Eagles are Hatching!

On the banks of the Mississippi River, near Davenport, Iowa, expectant parents eagerly await a very special arrival.  Two bald eagles, named Liberty and Justice, have established a nest, and the eggs are starting to hatch!  Alcoa has installed a live eagle cam, and our family has been anxiously following the progress.  One egg is starting to hatch TODAY and the others are expected to follow today or tomorrow. We have the cam up on our screen in our homeschool room today, watching and waiting.  Davenport is such a special place to me.  My parents were both born and raised there, and the banks of that river hold lots of family memories.  So, to my family in Davenport, we're watching!  And waiting!  

If you want to follow along to, come visit the LIVE web cam HERE!

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