Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ten Takes On Tuesday


#1 - Pajama day at school in celebration of the letter "P".  Yes, she was disappointed that I wouldn't let her wear her silky Rapunzel nightgown, but it's too short.  And I didn't want her showing off her Princess and the frog panties, so we needed pajamas with pants.  Besides, pants start with "P".  Pizza and pop served at school for a special lunch.  (Yes, pop.  My northern roots are showing.)  She refused to try the pop.  She's never had a single sip of soda in her entire life.  How long can I keep this going?  Oma pulled a late night baking session so Ems could take pumpkin bread to school to share with her friends.  After all, P day only comes once a year.  (Thanks, Oma!)

#2 - Breakfast on the go-go-go-go-go.  Lots of running today!

#3 - Bug day.  Ugly got his crickets.  I'm terribly in love with his spikes.  I adore him.  Even when he's crunching crickets.  I never knew I would feel fondness toward a reptile, but he's one cool cat.

#4 - Pioneer Woman's chicken salad.  Here's what I know about her recipe....  I left out the dill.  That's for pickles.  Also, I wouldn't add the cayenne again.  It was too weird.  But her suggestion for adding a smidge of brown sugar?  Brilliant.  And delicious.

#5 - The worldview teacher nixed our costume.  No chaps to a formal ball.  I'm crushed.  Partly because he was a million kinds of smashing in his chaps, and partly because I have exactly one day to come up with a Plan B.  Nothing about my schedule tomorrow lends itself to inventing cowboy attire from the early 1900's.  Drats.

#6 - Rocks and minerals.  Loving it.  Did you know the Empire State Building is made of Limestone?  You do now.

#7 - Thankful for my new Beth Moore Bible study.  Digging into the Word with my Mom and three friends by my side.  It gets no better than that.

#8 - The Buzzard home before I needed to leave for church.  A rare and wonderful occurrence during this incredibly busy season at his work.

#9 - New.  And so super snazzy.  I can hardly wait to fill it to the brim tomorrow morning.

#10 - Crafting.  If only I felt a need to do laundry and dust the way I feel a pressing need to play with felt and fabric scraps.

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