Sunday, January 1, 2012

A List of Big Fat Maybes

I'm not a big one for resolutions.  With good reason.  I'm not a big planner, but even at that I plan better than I implement.  I also usher guilt around town as if it were a constant companion.  Resolutions invite guilt to settle in and stay awhile.  When I begin to slack on my well intended list items, I begin to focus heavily on the things I'm not getting done instead of the things I am accomplishing.

That being said, this day does beg a tad of reflection, no??

I'd be breaking with far too much tradition if I didn't give things the old once over and very unofficially identify an area or two in which I qualify for an extreme makeover.'s to 2012 and a few ideas I'm carrying loosely into the new year!

#1 - It's the year of the properly exposed photograph.  This is my number one goal.  I have a new camera, which carries with it a rather long story.  She's a beaut, she is.  (She still lacks a name, and I'm working on that.)  Really great cameras don't necessarily take really great photos.  You still have to learn how to use them.  So, I'm jumping headlong into the world of figuring things out.  This is a can of worms because it entails learning some new things about the computer and figuring out how to update formatting on my blog.  These things scare me worse than the camera.  But I'm diving in.  I have a good start since I've spent a few days during the break like this....quilt on lap, camera book on quilt!

#2 - S-L-O-W it down a bit.  I've made great strides since August in my goal to simplify.  It's a work in progress.  I don't always know the speed limit around here, but I've definitely learned to recognize when it is too fast.  The holidays have been marvelous, but packed.  Time to put on the brakes and make sure I'm counting on the things that really count.

#3 - The key to slowing down is having a grasp on the schedule.  I wandered through the calendar isle at Walmart yesterday in search of the ultimate planner.  Do you know it is possible for people to be crazy in love with office supplies?  I am living proof.  I left without a calendar because I'm still feeling a little shifty about how and where to keep track of things.  I currently have separate systems for keeping track of school, family commitments, correspondence, and creative endeavors.  The looming question is whether to somehow combine it all into one cosmic record of my daily life.

It seems like more than what one notebook could possibly do.

I know one thing.  A decision could not be reached yesterday in Walmart.  However, I did settle on pink paper plates for the New Year's Eve appetizers, so the trip was not a total waste.  Then I got home and changed my mind to red, so the pink ones are still in the cabinet.  I don't know.

#4 - Plan less and go more.  Worry less and go more.  Hesitate less and GO MORE.  Over think less.  Go.  More.  I'm learning.  My family members are excellent teachers.

#5 - Rave about the good stuff.  I always admire bloggers who can stick with a long standing theme.  Yes, I know, I'm clearly not one of them.  But it's a new year and all.  What's the harm in trying again? I'm going to post on Fridays about Friday Favorites.  Mom and I both get a kick out of reading about products or recipes on blogs and then feeling compelled to go buy or make the things recommended.  I decided to brag about some of my favorite things in case it inspires others to try something new. 

#6 - I might read a little something.  I wish I were a better reader.  I read books out loud to my kids in homeschool, but I don't model being an avid reader.  So in lieu of purchasing a calendar at the Walmart, I bought this.  What the heck.  I'll jump on the bandwagon.

There we go.  I at least feel like I've given it a little thought and can welcome 2012 with my camera, a calendar, and a piece of light fiction.


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Theodwyn said...

Love your comments as usual! Right there with you on some of these. BTW while the Hunger Games is a great story, don't expect it to be light. It is heavy and dark at times but still good. Happy New Year to my friend.