Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Favorites - Super Suds

I'm a soap snob.  I love a good smelling soap, and the cuter the container, the better.  I don't know.  It just is.  My long standing top choice for kitchen soap is William Sonoma Tuscan Fig, otherwise known as goodness in a bottle.  I ran out over the holidays when I didn't have time to glance sideways, let alone drive to William Sonoma.  So I did something rather uncharacteristic.  I picked up a ninety cent special at Kroger.  In an ugly bottle.


I've been missing out.  William Sonoma should take a cue from Kroger on how to formulate an amazing version of Honey Citrus and Shea Butter. While it is doubtful I will ever endear myself to the rather unfortunate packaging style, I do believe I have forged a long standing relationship with Kroger handsoap.  I'm in this for the long haul, and barring some marketing disaster or restocking issues, I don't see myself breaking up with this soap for a very long time.  Every time I wander through Kroger I add another bottle (or four) to my basket.  For my soap stash.  Because I have a lot of sinks.  

In order to be true to myself, I do feel that I will need to ultimately find a cuter soap receptacle/dispenser.  But when that right jar comes along, I will happily keep it consistently flowing with ninety cents worth of wonderful.  For now, ugly lives next to my kitchen sink, but it gets the job done and smells divine.

Seriously.  Scan your Kroger's shelves to see if there are any bottles left that I haven't already bought.  You'll never need to visit William Sonoma again.  (That's a total lie.  You'll still need their amazing washcloths and various holiday themed rubber spatulas, but you'll have extra money that you WOULD have previously put toward soap to get a fabulous gadget instead.)

This blog post has been endorsed by my teenage son, who says the new soap smells great.  A teenage boy commented on our new soap.  Folks, no amount of words from me can top that.

Honey Citrus and Shea Butter.
It's my Friday Favorite.

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