Saturday, December 10, 2011


Divine Dangling dinosaurs.  They were dashing.

They set the tone for our evening last night.  They were the chosen theme.  Nothing says "party on" like a stegosaurus with a flaming spine.

It was my understanding that the birthday girl wanted a dinosaur cookie, and I was running late in my day.  Clearly, I misunderstood, because when I announced that I was driving across town to Sam's to pick up a cookie she looked at me completely stunned.

"'s my birthday, and on your birthday you eat birthday cake."

Well of course.  I'm so glad I got my story straight because Super Target sells birthday CAKES, and it is right around the corner from my house.  Things rarely work out this wonderfully for me.  I explained to the adorable girl behind the bakery counter that I had found dinosaur candles at the Party City and I asked her if she would make little puddles of green frosting on a plain white cake for me so it would look like my dinos were sitting on land.

She gave me a now familiar stunned look.

"Ummm.....why don't I just make you some real grass??"

Apparently I'm the only one who doesn't get how birthday cakes work.

Anyway, three minutes and four piping bags of colored frosting later, she had created a wonderful prehistoric setting atop a marble sheet cake, and I was thrilled.

A perfect sugary background for my dinosaur candles.  The lady even made little frosting rocks, which completely tickled me because I thought it looked just like dinosaur poop.

And if you know Emma, you know how incredibly perfect that is.

Nana scored. Our first ever Barbie doll.

We rarely (never) get the chance to see Bill so fully concentrated on Barbie hair.

But he gave her a fetching do, and the party really got started when she rode the pink dinosaur Webkinz bareback.  We are all about providing our guests with spellbinding entertainment.

Emma had a personal assembly crew at the ready.  They had the mini red flyer wagon done and rolling hour, was it?  Ha ha.  I wish this picture had sound because I'm completely wondering what the Buzzard is saying to Uncle Joel.

Good times.  Good friends.  Go FOUR.


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