Thursday, December 15, 2011

On A (Sweet) Roll

So, when my friend Wendy called me this afternoon and asked if she could come drop something by, I exercised every power of humility and restraint that I could muster, but the bottom line is that my hopes were sky high.  A request for a special delivery this time of year holds the promise of homemade cinnamon rolls, and sure enough, we got lucky.

I've been meaning to buff up my efforts in convincing Wendy that Valentine Rolls, Easter Rolls, and even President's Day Rolls would be a great idea, but the truth of the matter is that they are Christmas Rolls (at least in this house) and the fact that we anticipate them all year long is part of what makes them so special.  That, and the fact that Wendy subscribes to the "don't skimp on the frosting" philosophy, which I firmly believe is always a handy rule of thumb.  When you lift these rolls out of the pan, you have to go back with your knife and rescue the crisp little bits of golden sugar crumbles that sneak out of the middles.  They are the edible equivalent of a Christmas bonus.

Yes, we counted this as our main course for supper last night.  Don't judge.  We wore princess attire.  And smiles.  Thanks, Wendy!


Theodwyn said...

So glad you enjoyed them! Cute pic.

binboy said...

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