Thursday, November 10, 2011

Vrooom Vroooooom

So, this week was the GRAND PRIX races at three year old preschool.

The notice came home two weeks ago, and I received it with reservation.  I wanted to want to do this, but in the most humble and honest places of my heart I know that I send her to school to make my life easier.

That's what old parents do with their fourth children.  Don't judge.

Sure, the notice contained all the proper jargon..."keep it simple"..."enjoy the process with your child"...."don't worry about the end result".....blah, blah, BLAH.

Everyone KNOWS that simple and understated carry no weight at all in the Nascar of Competitive Preschool Parenting.  The notice may have well been a neon sign that said "START SHOPPING NOW!!  SEE YOUR MECHANIC AND HIRE AN ARCHITECT IN PREPARATION FOR RENDERING A STOCK CAR FROM A DOCUMENT BOX!!!"

Emmie was super excited about the project, and surprisingly decisive in her requests.

A Turkey-Mobile, please.  With feathers.

I may have, at one or two or several dozen points in my life, been accused of being highly competitive when it comes to crafts.  I don't care to admit this on a regular basis, but my closest friends refuse to engage in any kind of creative process with me.  They will only stand and watch.  I think it is due to a fear of getting yelled at or micromanaged.  I'm only guessing here.  In any event, a Starbucks date with my neighbor turned into a roundtable discussion regarding proper wing construction for maximum flap-ability and highly debatable theories regarding wheels vs. legs.  I left that meeting hyped up on caffeine and I cut loose with my 40% off coupons in the craft store.

Then I loaded my glue gun and prepared to fire several rounds.

I give you...TURKEY-MOBILE.

A'la feathers.

I'm not gonna lie here.  I knew the competition was going to be a little stiff, so I was a little nervous going in.

You have to envision "Little Deuce Coupe" playing in the background, lap lanes mapped out in the sanctuary, and a host of parents and grandparents with digital cameras waiting at the finish line.

It was a sight.  I truly wish I could have captured photos of every single car.  Incredibly ingenious ideas.  Check out this Barbie car.

I wish I had a zoom feature on my little camera that would perform well in low light.  Check out the car on the far right....some dad mounted blinking flashlights as headlights.  He was beaming (no pun intended) with pride.  Very cute idea that I may well need to steal for next year.

At the end of the races the pit crew (teachers) gathered all the racers into the winner's circle and asked the racers to blow a kiss to the special person who helped make their car.  Here is my driver's shy and humble response.  (Blush.)

A turning point in the event was when they made the parents get into the cars and do a race.  I will never forgive the preschool director for that, no matter how much I adore her.  The Dad in the Barbie car was sincerely regretting his wife's decorative choices.  :-)

Good fun.  Hayden accompanied me as the videographer, and I'm including a clip for your viewing pleasure.  We bought home a blue ribbon, as did every single child, because we're all winners in God's eyes.  We also brought home a note encouraging us to save our cars for next year's Grand Prix.

Parents who recycle crafts are the ones who "keep it simple" and "don't worry about the final product." In other words, I'd bet my last dollar we see a whole new batch of cars next year!

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