Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fried Day Fare; Friday Fair

Friday was my birthday.  We decided, after a very productive morning with school, to take the afternoon off and head to to the state fair.  It had been years since we'd gone.  

Let's talk food.  That's the foremost topic to cover when discussing the Texas state fair; a.k.a. the Temporary Fried Foods Capital of the South.  First, the bad news.  Fried Oreos.  Just not a big fan.  We really redeemed ourselves with the friend onion straws though.  They may not be terribly original, but they were sufficiently delicious.  

We could have done worse.  Much worse.  I kid you not......

Big news of the day....Emma joined the circus.  Those of you who know her will absolutely not be surprised.  She is a ham, this one.  She would probably belly right up to a role like Bearded Lady Snake Charmer, or Flying Wollenza, but on this day she settled for Ballerina Butterfly.  She accepted with great enthusiasm and proudly donned a red tutu.

The role entailed some twirling...and flapping....

....and even running from a kid chasing her with a butterfly net.  The role of Butterfly Ballerina was indeed a challenging test of performing arts, but the big stage review was a smashing success.  The lion tamer even said so.

After a moderate amount of consideration, Hayden settled on the yellow Camero as his wish for a first car.  So important to get a jump start on our 16th birthday wish list at age 12.

Because my kids are my kids, we naturally spent 90% of our allotted fair time with the animals.  Children's Medical Center sponsored an elaborate petting zoo this year that was incredibly well done.

They had little plastic shovels tied to the fences so the kids could feed the animals without the risk of getting bit.  The vast majority of the animals were completely uninterested in our offerings.  They sell $5 cups of food to every hopeful child wandering through the door, without mentioning that most of the animals have been snacking from plastic shovels for eight hours already and have finally lost their appetite.  We did find an occasional willing goat to accept our munchies.

There were lots of sweet little babies to admire.

This good looker was by far my favorite.

I also really dug this chick's hairdo.  She had style.

Hayden indulged his long time love for John Deere tractors.

And then we headed back to the van with a little something special for the road.  The free tram ride to and from the parking lot was Emma's favorite part of the whole fair.  That, and her $4.00 glass of pink lemonade.  I'm so glad she has valuable memories of the whole experience.  Ha!

It was a quick trip, but it was very fun, and it definitely contributed to a VERY happy birthday!!

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