Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Sock Hop

Emma's Mother's Day Out program hosted a Mommy and Me Sock Hop last week. I really didn't know what to expect, but they did a great job of hosting a fun event for the kids. We arrived at school about 15 minutes early and went to fellowship hall, which they had transformed into a soda fountain. They had juice and animal cookies and allowed the kids to stay and play as long as they wanted. The decorations were simple but fun.

Someone brought in a juke box, which was, of course, loaded with great 50's music.

I explained to Hayden what a "sock hop" was, and he was SUCH a good sport. He showed up for the party in a fetching baseball/Santa sock collaboration. Ha! He is always so good to play along.

They used 45's as centerpieces on the tables. I had to explain to my boys what "records" were!

This idea was my favorite. They covered a few of the kids' tables with black bulletin board paper, then set out fat sticks of colored chalk for the kids to draw graffiti. That is a perfect (and inexpensive!) idea for a kid party. It looked great when they were done!

They brought in three mini-bounce houses for the kids to play in.

They also had tons of hula hoops. My boys were great sports about helping the little ones learn to use them.

They allowed us to use some dress up clothes for photos by the juke box. The music was loud, so Em's wasn't too thrilled to get close to it!

A sweet and fun day with my girl! (Love the glasses on the tip of the nose.)

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