Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Feeling Flaky

Let's just consider Texas part of the polar region. Northerners have nothing on us as far as climate goes. The same can probably not be said, however, when it comes to road maintenance equipment. We are experiencing our fifth snow day in two weeks. Schools were closed for four consecutive days last week, a first in Texas history, and they are closed again today.

I'm tickled pink. Maybe it is my northern upbringing. I apparently still have a trickle of yankee blood soaring through my veins, because I adore the snow. I actually made it out of the house over the weekend, and Emma actually got to attend mother's day out yesterday, so I am refreshed and recovered and feeling like the Cabin Fever of last week never even happened. I'm firing up my bread machine (again). I ventured to the grocery store at 5:30 last night, along with every other panicked soul in the metroplex. I circled the parking lot five times like a vulture looking for a spot. The thought of a snow day with no yeast on hand was incomprehensible. Did you know that during five o'clock traffic the night before a 90% chance of snow, my local Kroger can hold as many people as Texas stadium?? It's the honest truth. We all congregated in front of the dairy case. There was a sweep on eggs, the likes of which had not been seen since.....last Friday.

Wednesday is a huge day for us. Lots of activities. All cancelled, once again. Last week we missed homeschool classes, tutoring sessions, mother's day out, basketball practices, youth choir, Bible Bowl, etc, etc. Every time I answered the phone or checked email I had an announcement about another change of plans. So, Emma was playing with her My Pretty Ponies on the floor and I was listening to her. The ponies were cancelling things! HA!!

Today I want to wish my sweet friend Wendy a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I made Wendy a table runner for her cheery blue and yellow kitchen. Buzzard and I went on a date to the candle store, where I made him sniff every single yellow, blue, and white candle to pick one that matched the runner. Good thing he liked one that was the perfect shade of yellow!

Wendy is my quilting buddy, and is also a homeschool Mom. We got to spend a few minutes together yesterday to share a cup of tea, and trade our plans for today. We're both starting out the day with special pastries for our families. (Mine are only store bought cinnamon rolls, but they still set the stage for a snow day.) We'll both do school with our kids, then try to sneak in some extra sewing time. SNOW DAY = SEW DAY, right Wendy?? Whatever she does, I hope she has a wonderful day. She is one of those people who just makes life better by sharing it with you.

Now I'm off to wake my kids and talk my Buzzard into starting a fire. We're starting a new read aloud today, so I'm piling the couch with extra quilts and settling in to watch our accumulation develop. I'm hoping for a snowman by noon. :-)

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Theodwyn said...

Ok, I'm pretty sure I commented on this and it never showed up!
Anyway, Brooke, I love the table runner. It looks right at home in my kitchen. Thanks again, and thanks for being a wonderful friend.