Thursday, February 24, 2011

Evolution of a Cowgirl

Yee-Haw, today was western day at mother's day out. The excitement has been building for days, and this morning it exploded into an all out cowgirl euphoria. Finally. The day we've been talking about. The day we wear the hat and boots to school. I am painfully well aware that being this easy to please has a life span of a nano-second, so I really bask in the simple glory of western day.

Step one. Boots on. Git yer bootson. That's alloneword, in case you didn't know. The pink boots were a Christmas gift from Oma, and may I just say, since we don't care to ever take them off, it is rather handy that we happen to live in the Lone Star State, where pink boots officially go with any and all attire. Including, but not limited to, Dora the Explorer pajamas. Or a cute knitted dress with a crocheted flower that Mom scored off the clearance rack at Target.

Step Two. Grab Butterfly, the much loved Christmas present from Opa, who has been ridden approximately 7,000 miles since Christmas morn. Hoist on up there sidesaddle. Very sassy!!

When a cowgirl needs speed, she needs her stickhorse, the beloved Christmas gift from Nana and Papa. While Butterfly gets put to pasture in the den, stickhorse runs like a wild stallion through the entire house. Complete with sound effects.

Pink hat. Check. Resting right on that enormous pink flower I managed to coax into her hair. It's western day, so she was feeling rather agreeable. I took full advantage.

(Perhaps you've noticed that the entirety of western day is brought to you compliments of Christmas morning.)

The piece de' resistance?? The vest.

(Moment of silence.)

My boys got these vests when they were about Emma's age. Every single time I think back on them in the toddler years, I envision them wearing these vests. All day. Every day. Naptimes too. Oh, the miles we put on these vests! L-O-V-E-D to pieces. I packed them away in the baby box on the top of the boys' closet, and when Max came up with the idea this morning of getting one down for western day, I took my own happy trail ride down memory lane.

It's so good to see her in this little vest. I'm hoping it makes a permanent appearance for the next several years, and that it brings as much fun and happiness to her as it did to her brothers!

Little cowgirls don't stay little very long. Today they're packing up their stick horse for mother's day out, and tomorrow they're packing up their Honda Civic to head off to college....far, far away. Don't ask me how I know this. (There'll be tear in my beer.)

Here's to riding high in the saddle, and tipping our hat to Cowgirl Day.

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Sandy said...

Cutest little cowgirl in Texas!