Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"C" is for....

Clementines. Our favorite winter fruit is back in season, and they get sweeter by the week.

Clearance bin finds. Hannah and I saw these cute bird cages at Michael's yesterday and they rang up at 30 cents each! I have no idea what we're going to do with this many cages, but we let the thrill of a good deal overtake us! (Guess it's time to shop for some very small birds.)

Catching snowflakes with your tongue! The first snow in Texas is always such a thrill. We got a light dusting on Sunday, and I've been hoping all week for more.

Crock pot cooking. We're trying a new recipe tonight called Cream Cheese Chicken. I'll let you know if it's a winner. The house smells amazing while it's cooking! I'll go ahead and spare you the photo of a crock pot on my counter.

And finally......the big news......"C" is for construction!! I'm working on a new space in my house that I can't wait to share. Ikea was bound to be my undoing these last few days, but I think I (finally!) have all my parts and pieces in order and am ready to start assembling!

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