Friday, December 31, 2010


This is what the face of thirteen looks like in our house. Happy Birthday to you, my oldest son. Thirteen years of giving thanks for you, and many hopes and wishes for your bright future. You rock my world, in (at least) 13 ways...

1. You wear boots and a hat better than any other cowboy around.
2. I love to hear you strum your guitar.

3. You can make me belly laugh.
4. You have a heart for animals.

5. You can run like the wind.
6. And play any kind of ball.

7. You work so darn hard in school.
8. And it totally pays off.

9. You know how to be a good friend.
10. And amazing big and little brother.

11. You are my partner in crime when it comes to white chocolate Easter rabbits.
12. I love to watch you work with your hands.
13. You have a heart for the Lord, and it is exciting to watch your faith mature and grow.
Dad and I are so proud of you. You wear 13 very well, and we can't wait to see what is in store for you this coming year. Happy Birthday!
These amazing photos were taken by Hannah, whose artistic eye for photography continues to amaze me. Hannah, thanks for letting me share these photos on my blog! You captured Max perfectly!

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Erin said...

Happy Birthday, Max!!

Wow, Hannah! Awesome pictures!! My fav is the one where he's leaning against the wall looking down.