Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gobble Till You Wobble

Here's the important things for you to know...

I arrived at Thanksgiving with a dead battery in my camera, and a two year old who doesn't stay in her new toddler bed. Ever. So, what few pictures I have are of poor quality from my iphone and we all look a little tired, because we are! Except Emma, who seems positively energized by her night owl status.

I'm overwhelmed with Thankfulness when I think of the wonderful family I was raised in, the family I married into, and the one God has entrusted to Buzzard and I.

I got up early to make a finger puppet for Emma. I had it waiting on the breakfast table for her, and she noticed it right away. She is very happy with her new "chicken", so he was worth the six minutes he took to make. :-)

After lunch, Emma entertained Abby, who is Nana and Papa's Welsh Terrier. First, she set up a tea party with Raggedy Ann. Then, she put on the Mayflower show with pilgrim figurines and plastic pumpkins. The pilgrims were named Mary and Joseph. I think Abby was delighted and learned quite a lot. Emma looooooves dogs as much as Abby loves attention, so this was a match made in Thanksgiving heaven.

I hope that you, like us, laughed a little and ate a lot. Blessed Thanksgiving to ALL of our friends and family!

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