Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fish and Beans

Guess what? We're makin' stuff! But, we're not quite finished yet, so it isn't time to spill the beans. :-)

Today we went to the aquarium. That is hands down one of my favorite field trips. I can attribute my deep fondness for the aquarium in large part to the handsome whiskers on this little devil.

I just want to hug a sea cow. They are the gentlest, sweetest looking creatures in the world! This one came and squished his nose up against the glass right after I took his picture. I think he wanted to hug me too.

Emma was particularly taken with the pink "ostriches". If I could be any color in the world, I might choose this one....

There was a huge storm brewing just as we were on our last exhibit. We were outside looking at the penguins, when the sky grew very dark and ominous clouds rolled right above us.

I asked Max to take one last picture so I could have one with me in it. Focus? Who had time to focus? Weather was coming! Could you tell from Emma's hair?? :)

We raced to the van and got everyone loaded just as gigantic raindrops began to splat down on us. We had the best time on the way home voting for our favorite animals. Emma got to feed blueberries to a toucan! She loved that part.

We were just about to pull into our neighborhood when it happened.....we heard the first Christmas carol of the year on our Christian radio station. They played Amy Grant's "It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year". And I think it is!!

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