Monday, November 8, 2010

A Bed and a Breakfast

Hawley House is the oldest house in the oldest town in Tennessee. The innkeeper there, Marci, treated us to tales of this fascinating place's rich and diverse history. She is the architect and interior designer who brought this little treasure to its current state of glory. Our stay was charming and dream-like, which we have certainly come to expect from this part of the country.

The thing that captivated me the most were the old quilts, most of which were heirlooms from Marci's own family.
The wing chair by the fire was my carefully guarded territory. I spent the evening there doing embroidery, eating homemade cookies, petting the resident dachshund, and visiting with the other guests. The quilt project I was working on will always have special meaning to me as I remember the hours I spent working on it in this little paradise.

Note to self and Buzzard: we must redecorate our mantle with blue and white plates and silver baby cups. Must.
Breakfast menu:

Sliced bananas and fresh blackberries with clotted cream and a sliver of poundcake.
Homemade biscuits with fig preserves and link sausage.
French sweet bread toast with candied pecans and baked peaches.

It really gave Honey Nut Cheerios and Quaker instant oatmeal a run for the money.

Next stop....Asheville, North Carolina!


Erin said...


You just let me know when you're replicating this breakfast and I'll pop on over. :>

randi said...

this looks and sounds wonderful! now i want a gourmet breakfast tomorrow. might have to upgrade the grape-nuts. :)