Friday, October 22, 2010

The World Series, Y'all

Dear Texas Rangers,

Way to go. Thanks to you all, my husband will be very pleasant to live with the next few days. We skipped studying history in homeschool today. No worries. Y'all made some for us. How very kind.

Yours Truly,
She Who Actually Stayed Awake For The Entire Game and Never Once Used the Mute Button

And that's not all........

After the game, and the ensuing screaming and cheering, Buzzard mentioned that sports stores all over the city were opening to sell championship apparel. The boys begged. I caved. Off we went, in pajamas and all. Some heroic display of team spirit? Well, let's be honest. I was in it for the thrill of the shopping hunt, which is, in and of itself, a world class sporting event.

I was a tad worried I was going to look like a late night dork; some lone nut wandering into Academy looking for a "hot off the press" tee shirt. I was even skeptical about whether they would truly be open. But, as the world has so generously confirmed time and again since my awkward junior high years, I am not alone in my dorkyness. Not by a long shot.We waited in a line that stretched the entire length of the strip mall to make it to Academy's doors. And we were the early birds. Let me tell you a little something about Texas sports fans who haven't had a reason to celebrate since 1961.....

They ready to par-tay. Right there in the Academy parking lot.

I think the boys were taken aback by the crowds too. The deal I struck with them was that I would take them to the store as long as they posed willingly for photos for my blog. It was hard to hold up their end of the bargain once they were packed in a store with tons of other shoppers. Mom flashing pictures of you with a foam finger while you wear your pajamas?? They so wanted to call off the deal.

Too stinking bad. You can't always get what you want. Just ask a New York Yankee!! :-)

Here's the clincher though......we finally get in the store and the boys take one look at the championship shirts and hats and wrinkle their noses. Max pulled a plain black hat off the shelf with a Ranger logo on it. No manner or mention of world series or champions anywhere on the entire thing. That is what he wanted.

So, I did what any die hard, world series shopper - turned heroic sports fan would do. I told him no way. Then I made him pose for another picture.

We're going to the World Series, y'all. Neat-O.

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