Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What's Cookin'

I got two fantastic surprises in the mail today. My family knows me well, and how I do love to cook me up something tasty. Stacy sent Hungry Girl's cookbook to me all the way from Boston. Have you heard of Hungry Girl? She has a wildly successful blog, and is forever translating popular recipes into more healthy, lighter fare. She's a clever one, the Hungry Girl, and Stacy has passed some of her good tips to me along the way. This is a timely surprise, since my waistband indicates that this hungry girl needs to "chew the right thing".

I'm all over chapter titles like "Nuke It Baby", "Cook-Me-Not", and "Crock Around the Clock". And Chapter 12? Are you kidding me? I was BORN for "Fun With Broccoli Slaw"!

LOVE IT, STACY!!! Thank you!!!

Also, my Aunt Joan (who is known as "Oma Joan" in these parts) sent me this fun Taste of Home fall/Halloween edition. I have subscribed to Taste of Home for years, and the majority of my recipe inspiration flows straight from their pages. I've read this cover to cover already, and I totally have my eye on the Rustic Autumn Fruit Tart, which will be completely justified following broccoli-slaw-palooza, but the boys are casting votes for slime filled green cupcakes. I wonder if Hungry Girl knows how to make those guilt free??

Anyone want to come for dinner? I've got new recipes to test!!

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Erin said...

We will be glad to offer our services as official taste testers. Just let us know when! :>