Thursday, October 28, 2010


It's a big job getting out the door in the morning. When you need to have a sippy cup, lunch, and extra clothes ready to go to MDO, things can get a little hairy. Adding a fancy crown and a pair of wings is a big deal. This is why wings are only required one day a year. :-)

(The wings didn't make it into these photos.)

She even let me curl her hair for the very first time. It was a shared moment of sentiment, sandwiched between finding the right pair of ruffle socks and getting our orange food ready to contribute to the all-orange luncheon.

Tinkerbell's MDO chariot, and her two handsome escorts.

Emma did the cutest craft at school today, and I'm going to let her share it with you...

First, your teacher, Joanne, gives you a roll of toilet paper and a big orange square of fabric.

Then, she helps you gather all the fabric around the toilet paper roll.

You work real hard to stuff all the fabric into the little hole in the center of the roll. The great thing about this step is that you don't even have to pay attention to what you are doing. Instead, you can watch GI Joe and Minnie Mouse playing with toys while you are stationed at the craft table.

This next step is a definite two handed job, so you will have to find someplace handy to stow your Tinkerbell doll. Putting her down in your tote in the hallway is not an option since she should never be more than four inches from your person.

Take a scrap of brown paper lunch sack and roll it tightly into a rope. Stick this stem, along with a green scrap of fabric (the leaf) down into the center of the pumpkin.

Now wrap a green pipe cleaner around something round to make a vine to finish off your project.

Ta-Da! Show off your adorable Charmin pumpkin....
....then run off to join your friends!

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Sandy said...

Cutest Tinkerbell ever!