Monday, October 18, 2010

My View From Saturday

This was my (rather blurry) view from Saturday; an inviting trail before me and a messy pony tail sitting in my lap. Nothing says "perfect weekend" like heading into a forest on a gator at the Pine Tree Palace.

It's especially fun when you have a cute little outdoorsman hot on your trail tail.
The weekend was ripe for adventure. There were critters to catch and examine...

...the first kiss of fall color to admire...

...and fresh tracks to ponder. Raccoon, deer, coyote, and possibly a wild cat had been prior visitors to the pond.

Because we were in the presence of boy scouts, we were well versed on the motto of always being prepared. Naturally. This is why we took exquisite care to hit the trails with guinea pig, lime green sippy cup, and tinkerbell shades in tow. Because you can never be too prepared for nature.

Of course, a highlight of visiting the pine farm is collecting the "snow cones" that fall from the trees. There was an abundant crop this time!

They can "bite", so you have to gather carefully.


Lots of snow cones to take home and enjoy.

Many thanks to our hosts for a very relaxing and peaceful weekend!

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