Thursday, September 30, 2010

This Post Brought To You By The Letter "C"

The letter bucket was sent home with us this week, so we had to fill it with goodies that started with the letter "C" and send it back to school today. The anticipation was great, as was the time spent practicing the letter "C". Clearly, it was well worth the effort because yesterday at story time at the library, "C" was the letter of the day. As the librarian proudly stuck an enormous felt "C" on the board for all to admire, I became way more excited than any other mother in the room.

Me: "OOOOHHHH...Emmy look!! What letter do you think THAT is???"

Her: "I dunno."

Me (undeterred in the slightest): "C!!! C!!!! I'm just sure it's a C!!! Lookie there!!!"

Her (definitively): "No. It not."

It ended with her physically turning her little self entirely away from the felt board and me vowing to practice "C" from lunch until bedtime.

Anyway, today "C" stood for cow, cats, crayon, and cup.

Also, a bag of candy corn to share with our friends. Since Emma has a reputation as being "strong willed" at school, I figured a little bribe couldn't hurt establish preschool friendships. That, and outshining all the other kids with her alphabet knowledge. Since that doesn't seem to be our strong suit yet, I bought the extra big bag of candy corn.

Too bad the caterpillar (that I stayed up extra late making) was forgotten on the kitchen counter. Don't think for a second that my pride wasn't wounded at the thought that those preschool teachers will never know how good I am with the dot art paints.

I did, however, remember to cut out Emmy's dot art "C" and use it to spiffy up the double bubble letter bucket. Last night was our first attempt at dot paint art, and given that we didn't start until nearly bedtime, I recklessly abandoned the idea of a tablecloth, smock, or other necessary protective items.

I therefore delivered a finely polka-dotted child to MDO this morning. How we ended up with way more on our skin than on the paper I still don't know. But onward we went, proudly toting our letter bucket.

In other "C" news, guess who is extra CUTE in her new Tinkerbell Jackie-O glasses? I'm especially posting this picture for my mother, who has a tremendous fondness for gigantic sunglasses. She has passed on the genes.

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