Friday, September 17, 2010

Out of the Blue

My friend Erin surprised me the other day with this precious teacup nightlight. Don't you just love a perfectly timed surprise that hits right smack dab in a super busy week, and makes your entire day?? A good friend is one who knows precisely when to spring a good surprise.

She knows of my great love for blue and white.

A smattering of blue and white is always a good thing.

My Oma's sister had a cabinet in her kitchen that was overflowing with blue and white dishes. I don't know if her dishes were Delft, but that is how I remember them, and I admired them greatly as a child. I thought she had the most beautiful kitchen in the world. I'm sure the fact that she was one of my very favorite people EVER contributed to the fact that her house was extra cozy. :) I think this apron belonged to her. It's another one of my favorite blue and white things.

It was given to me by one of her daughters, and I just love it. I don't believe in saving things for special occasions. I make lots of baking sessions "special" so I can have a reason to wear a pretty, vintage apron with hand stitching. I'm sure that makes my cookies turn out better.

Surprises from out of the blue. Yep, those are the best kind.
(Antique bluebird of happiness courtesy of Nana.)

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