Friday, August 13, 2010

So High We May Not Come Down Until Tuesday

Friday night. We got together with the D's and R's. Same old, same old.

EXCEPT....tonight we changed it up a little bit. We went out to eat instead of cooking, and in place of dessert, we stormed the candy isle at the drug store and loaded the domino playing table with bowls of candy, like a bunch of kids. Then we all sat around forgetting whose turn it was at dominoes and worked on a good sugar rush.

See? How crazy it can get around here on the weekend?? We know how to shake it up and keep it interesting. Those who might be concerned that we border on lame and predictable have never witnessed the magic where gummy bears meet sour patch kids.

Good friends are like peanut butter M&M's...comforting and familiar, and very special on the inside.

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