Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Learning The Books

School is moving along. One of our goals this year in Bible is to memorize all the books of the Bible and be able to find our way around quickly. Also, to be able to spell the books correctly. So, we made this poster to help identify and categorize things. I thought I'd post these photos and let them also serve as our first week of school portraits. Hayden is the Old Testament, even though he's the younger brother.

And Max is the New Testament.
Our little project wasn't without challenges. No project around here ever is. Daniel was ripped from the board, partially shredded, and had to be reattached with an extra dose of Elmer's. There's always a little "Daniel" in my life these days. Always something to keep it real. Small and "helping" hands move swiftly. Emma formulates and executes plans far quicker than I can anticipate them!

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Sandy said...

Good job guys!