Monday, August 16, 2010

And They Were Off Like A Herd of Turtles

The official first day of school, and the house is still standing, and we're all still friends. We started things off right, with a pan of warm sticky buns. It goes without saying that I needed some kind of gimmick to get them up and at 'em early. :)

I appreciate having photographic evidence that for one day out of the school year, our school room is capable of tidiness. This will fade faster than a shooting star, and I will gaze longingly back at this post, remembering this moment with fondness. Books on shelves, chairs pushed in, no visible stacks or piles. Of course, the kids had not come downstairs yet at this point. :) As much as I appreciate an organized space (in the same way I appreciate air to breathe), it doesn't really look like kids live here, much less learn here. No worries though, we'll have it cluttered with projects and experiments in no time. No time flat. I'm really happy with how the new chairs look stationed around the table. Eager chairs, ready for some frequent visitors.

This is our little computer station. (It's where all the Magnolia Manor Magic happens! HA!)

Flowers so fresh the cat hasn't even had time to destroy them yet! And one apple, to be split three ways. Oops...not enough apples to put out for the first day of school snack.

I found this darling new print for free online. I want to frame it and prop it in our bookshelves. It says "Home is wherever my books are". Love it!

Okay, have you tried the new Sharpie yet?? Pitter. Patter. I could expound quite extensively on the virtues of Sharpies in general, but the new ultra fine tips that don't bleed or smudge? Right up there with brand new books, and week one of new curriculum, and soy vanilla lattes with a caramel drizzle. Dang, that's high.

In fact, Office Max has them on sale this week, buy two packs get two free. That totals 14 Sharpies. 14!! No one needs four packs of Sharpies all at once. Or maybe ever. But if you're going to buy one, you may as well buy two, and get four. That's called compulsive shopper math. 14 brand new Sharpies on the first day of school. MINE. All mine. Am I concerned about having permanent markers in the same room as a two year old? Not as concerned as I am that these will all be lost by the second week of school.

A new reading book from the library. Have you read The Saturdays?? The boys launched right in and are eaten up by it so far.

Emmy did amazingly well today, and only had one little mishap that necessitated a trip to the time out stool. It was during math. One is supposed to sit still in the time out stool and face the hallway. But sometimes one has to stand on the stool and peek over the bookshelves to see if Mommy is still doing math. And if Mommy pretends not to look, the tiniest little whisper calls out, "Mommy! Here I am!" I like my new chairs way better than that nasty old time out stool! :)


Sandy said...

With that sweet face peering at you, you HAD to let her off the timeout stool, right?


Erin said...

Three cheers for a fresh start! And with nifty new chairs and a sweet, little angel peeping at you what could be better?

Ahhhh... the blessings of schooling at home. :>