Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Work Out At The Little Gym

We just got home from a two year old birthday party where we had a ball. Ems and her buddy Christopher celebrated two-ness. They are both too cute for two.

This celebration called for jumping, tumbling, swinging, parachuting, and LOTS of running!

And perhaps a little one on one with the Birthday Boy.

Everyone knows it isn't a party until someone blows the bubbles.

Hopes for wishes coming true...

The cupcakes were from Sprinkles, the BEST bakery in town. They were delish!

It was really fun watching all the kids whip up a busy, joyful chaos like only two year olds can do. Emma is completely crashed and everyone else is out of the house, so I'm off to enjoy the quiet and get some quilting done during what promises to be a marathon of a nap. Working out at the gym can really wear a girl out. :-)

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Anonymous said...

We are so glad that Emma could join the party! And thanks again for the beautiful quilt!