Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Gold Standard

Have you ever been loved by a Golden Retriever?

Have you ever admired a face grown gray, and given thanks for all the years of memories and days of sweetness you shared as those Golden hairs faded to gray?

Have you ever wondered how God could fit so much loyalty and devotion into one small dog??

Morgan joined our household in 1994, when Hannah was a toddler. Buzzard and I saw an ad on TV one night for dog food with a Golden Retriever puppy named Morgan. We decided then and there to get a Morgan of our own, and now the "early days" without Morgan here are such distant memories that I can scarce remember life before we entered The Golden Years. Morgan moved to three new houses with us, and welcomed three new babies to our family. She never met a child she didn't love, and most who met her thought quite highly of her too.

After all, what is not to love.

Morgan has seen her fair share of pets come and go from this house, and has always been the gentle giant who welcomes them in and teaches them the ropes. When Mindy came aboard, Morgan was even called upon to share the ropes, and that was okay with her too. She never actually learned to retrieve a darn thing, but she frequently toted little "lovies" around in her mouth.
Leo was terrified of Morgan the day we brought his tiny self home. He fluffed up real fierce like and hissed and spat at her. Unconcerned, old Morgan just squinted her eyes and stuck her nose right in his ferocious little face. This was them later that night.

It became a devoted friendship that grew deeper all the time.

Have you ever known the sting of a painful goodbye? Or felt the unbearable loneliness when you look down and see a once occupied spot, right next to your side, that is now miserably empty?

Today I'm giving thanks for my Golden Years. All sixteen of them. Morgan, I love you so much, and am truly amazed by the many ways you unfailingly loved me back.

1994 - April 1, 2010


Anonymous said...

Your mom e-mailed today about Morgan as a dog lover myself i am so sorry for your loss. When Sandy came and got her haircut I always asked about Morgan. You and i know there is a place in heaven for animals and I truly believe we will see them again in our life of the chain.

Susan Howe

Melissa said...

Oh I am so sorry. I have three dogs and know all too well that they become members of the family.

This is a beautiful post written in memory of your Morgan.

K Groenbeck said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. I started out a person who didn't want a dog in our house. I lost the battle and fell in love with having a dog. Those darn Groenbecks turned me into a dog lover. Thank God they did.
Please let the kids know we are sorry for their loss also and to remember all the good times they shared with Morgan.

His Doorkeeper said...

Oh Brooke, i am so sorry about your loss of Morgan. We are SUCH dog lovers....recently taking in our neighbor's yellow lab who just decided to move in with us (see my past blog).(I think he was being ignored)

Did you read Boo Mama's post yesterday about losing their dog? I truly believe loving your dogs teaches your children to love others.

Such sweet pictures! You wrote a beautiful post!
Such sweet memories for your whole family!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Oh, I am so sorry for your loss. Dogs so easily become such big parts of a family. I know you must all be so sad.

Anonymous said...

We are mourning with you over the loss of your Golden Lovie. Morgan will be missed by us all - we hope you can feel the prayers...Love, The whole Callaway family! XOXO

Kelli said...

Brooke, I'm so sorry for your loss. I know your whole family will miss their wonderful friend and companion.