Friday, March 12, 2010

Today I'm Running Off and Becoming a Showgirl

I've always wanted to say that line. This weekend is the huge quilt show sponsored by our local guild. I'm going!!! I'm going!!! I'm going TWICE!!! Buzzard's Aunt Lois came down from Kansas to attend the show with Mom and I today. She is a very accomplished quilter and the former president of her guild. I always enjoy shopping the quilt circuit with her because she is a wealth of advice and knowledge. Tomorrow I'm going back with my friend Wendy who shares my love of all things crafty. It's like a mini girls' vacation and I can hardly wait!

In honor of this big event I've been working on a little something. She's a real looker, and she's almost finished. I can hardly wait to show her off!!

There is an outside chance that I will be buying a little bit of fabric today to make her a friend. Or a small circle of friends. :) After all, us showgirls can get pretty wild and crazy.

Happy Friday to you!

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Bobbi said...

i cant wait to see it!!!