Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Day!

Do you ever outgrow the thrill of a snow day? I hope not! Buzzard woke me up early to come see the beautiful trees. We stood in the still darkness of the early morning together and watched the light, fluffy flakes tumble silently from the sky. It was a great beginning.

Bundled. Ready to go play in snow for the very first time.

The kids didn't have to work too hard to convince me to put off school for a few hours. We regretted not building a snowman during our last snowfall, so we made up for it this time by making two. :) Clearly, they are in love. They are "snalentines". :)

Here is the one part of snow day that is a total bummer. This is the portion of life that I am choosing to completely ignore right now.

Getting warm by the fire after hot showers.

A sweet treat while lunch is cooking, and some good nap time stories to keep with the theme of the day!

I am armed with...

* two adorable snow people in my yard
* a warm fire in the fireplace
* a brand new cookie recipe from a friend, and all the required ingredients already on hand
* a big stack of read aloud books fresh from the library
* a baby blanket ready to machine quilt

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!


Sandy said...

What a fun morning! I wish I could have been there with you. The snow is so the Midwest snow days we still miss. I am glad you took the time to enjoy it with the kids.

Love you all.


Dina said...

Your snow people are so cute! The fire and hot chocolate are a perfecting ending to playing in the snow.

Kelli said...

It looks like you had a fun snow day, too! We'll be getting another one tomorrow. :)