Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 - Year of the BLOG

Buzzard issued me a challenge to see how many consecutive days I could blog in 2010. He doesn't like it when I take extended absences from posting, because this little spot serves as a scrapbook for our family.

I'm up to a good challenge, dear.

Aside from the enormous Christmas tree box that is still in the middle of my den and the boys' red tree that is still up in their room (they just can't give it up) the rest of Christmas is all packed away. The house is so naked and sad. All my surfaces are still empty and bare with the exception of a thick covering of dust.

Buzzard returns to work tomorrow after more than a week of vacation days. School "should" start, but will be a bit delayed. The pantry is bare, the laundry basket is overflowing. The new calendar is bare, the bill basket is overflowing. The school schedules and menu planners are bare, the sticky note "to do" stack is overflowing.

And then there's that thick covering of dust....

My lofty Monday goals include developing and implementing some organizational strategies. I've been hard at work fine tuning my resolutions, and brainstorming about how to stay accountable to my 2010 goals. Organize and plan! Organize and plan! And blog about the progress every. single. day.

Because I'm going to win the challenge. :)

That dust might just have to wait....

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Kathy G said...

Dust is a great place to write notes that you love someone.