Monday, December 14, 2009

Old Twinkle Toes

Several years ago, my friend Marci and Nichole's daughters were both cast in the role of Clara in The Nutcracker. The owner of the ballet studio invited Max and Hayden to participate in the roll of Fritz, the younger brother who disrupts the party scene and eventually breaks Clara's brand new Nutcracker. The experience was lots of fun for the boys, who enjoyed the opportunity to be on stage and be part of a "cast". These pictures are from those performances. I can hardly believe how young they look!

This year the studio invited the boys to return, and the role of "Fritz" was once again revived in our family. The boys have grown a foot since their last stage debut, and now they are practically big enough to pick Clara up and swing her around! :)

Max's friend Jenna (in blue) was in the party scene with him. We think Jenna will make a beautiful Sugar Plum Fairy one day! :)

We may or may not be ready for Broadway, but we had a blast taking part in a ballet that is such a legendary part of holiday tradition!

PS - I'm going to go ahead and file this post under the "sports" category for the benefit of Old Buzzard! :)

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