Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy Birthday, Max!

Last night Max and Buzz went to the gym together. While they were out, I took the opportunity to put up a few surprises for my birthday boy and put his favorite dinner in the oven.

We had his Birthday dinner a night early because we are taking him out for a surprise tonight. My boy is twelve, which seems impossibly old and frightfully close to teenage years, yet wonderfully exciting and grown-up all at the same time. Twelve. It's stupendous.

Max chose a cookie cake for dessert. I completely forgot that my birthday candle stash was entirely empty, so I called my Mom to bring whatever she had on hand. She had a whopping two candles, a tiny white one and a big PINK one. Poor kid.

Luckily, when you're twelve, you care much more about the cookie cake than the candles on top of it. And if he made a wish for each candle, then two wishes isn't half bad.

Happy Birthday, Buddy. I love you a great big bunch and I hope all your wishes really do come true.
(Oh! And the surprise tonight will be lots of fun. Here's a hint...we're hoping for eight solid seconds of a really wild ride. Any guesses??)

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