Saturday, December 19, 2009

GO Cowboys!!!

The New Orleans Saints are undefeated NO MORE. This I know because I had a roaring crowd of sports fans cheering the Dallas Cowboys to victory in my living room tonight. Old Buzzard was in heaven, surrounded by people who really got into the game. Poor guy doesn't get that on a regular basis, although I would like to go on the record as saying I do indeed try, for his benefit, to look up from my embroidery and make a cheerful comment when the Cowboys score touchdowns. But that method of celebrating pales in comparison to the display made by our friends, the S Family and the Y Family. They are genuine fans. Crazy fans. The kind who wear Dallas Cowboy gear and stocking caps, and holler and jump, and transform my family room into the most fun place on earth.

Look at this cute face. This is Gracie. When she gets excited her hair turns bright red. :)

She gets excited when the Cowboys play.

Miss Emma took a shine to Mr. Y, and cozied on up to him to steal his hat.

These fans qualify as crazy. Certifiable. And I can hardly wait to have them back to cheer with us again. GO COWBOYS!

I had a screaming (literally!) good time!

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