Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mrs. Sew and Sew

Sometimes when life gets a little too busy I feel the need to put aside a few "have to's" to make room for a "want to". I try not to feel guilty for taking a little break, even when it means a few things don't get done. When I steal time for myself to indulge in something I love I'm usually able to tackle real life again with a fresh attitude and a renewed sense of energy. Sometimes I can't find any minutes in my day to steal, so I stay up late at night and trade sleep for sewing. That was the case this week when my family teased me for joining a quilting club and an embroidery club. Nothing motivated me to find time for sewing like being told that I don't have any time to sew! Ha! I showed them! Sure there's time....you just have to look past midnight to find it!

Impossible you say?? Nothing is impossible when you work for (and live at) the circus!

Here are the results of my recent sewing binge...

A new outfit for Emma to wear to the pumpkin patch! I found the little applique at Hobby Lobby for a dollar, so I bought a onesie to put it on. When I saw the candy corn fabric at the Walmarts I couldn't resist making her a skirt to match. Now she'll look like a real treat doing all her little daily tricks.

Block of the month quilt block #1....

My latest addiction at the local quilt shop. Each month there will be another quilt block to assemble using various red and white fabric scraps. By the end of the year I will have a completed quilt, assuming I don't get kicked out of club for failure to comply with completion rules. :) Hannah joined the same club, but she chose different fabrics for her quilt. Hopefully we can inspire each other to get one block done each month.

Block of the month embroidery block #1...

Same concept. Each month there will be a new block to embroider. I've never done embroidery before, so this month I faked my way through back stitching and googled to figure out how to make a lazy daisy stitch. I hope my skills increase as the year goes on. I'll probably look back and sigh over the stitch quality in this first block, but at least I got it done! I love the soft pink gingham background fabric. If I can keep up with these blocks I'd like to make a duvet cover or quilt for Emma's future big girl bed.

It was a fun little burst of creative energy, but now my machine is tucked away again, where it will stay until I get caught up on all the chores that just fell behind. I think I may need to squeeze in a little nap too!

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sara's art house said...

Awesome pumpkin patch! I love it- and yours will not come off :) :)