Friday, August 7, 2009

Today, We Better Make It A Venti

Dear Pink and Blue Flowered Wallpaper,

The first time I walked into my house and saw you on the wall I thought you were an odd choice for a kitchen wallpaper. It made me think that if I had someone named Great Aunt Bertha in my family, perhaps she could knit me a little pink cozy out of fuzzy yarn to cuddle a Renuzit air freshener in the corner. That would just seem to go. I must say that somewhere deep inside me though, I was a little pleased with your pink flowers. They made my inner girlie girl happy. I bought pink striped washcloths from William Sonoma and pink peony hand soap for next to the sink. Just because I could. But we both knew that you could not stay on the walls forever. I've spent many years wondering what my kitchen would look like with you gone.

And today I will find out.

Last night was a marathon frenzy of pre-painting excitement. I rushed around in a big fat circle trying to figure out what in the world I should be doing while the boys dug around under a pile of light blue taffeta in search of an actual window.

I was up at early o'clock to finish packing away knick knacks and vacuuming behind furniture. By half past early o'clock, I had rousted four sleepy children out of bed, and brought two of them to tears with my harsh tone. I made a hasty decision to cut my losses early and head to the Starbuck's on the corner. I clearly needed a few minutes alone to pray, refocus, and come to grips with complete chaos, at least for the short term. I must have looked a little harried by the time I went up to order, because the guy looked at me and said, "Can I make your day better with an extra shot.....or two?" I decided to bite the bullet and order a venti. Actually, I ordered "the big one" because I'm insecure about how to pronounce "venti". (The kids only thought they woke up sad. Now there would be no food because I blew our budget on a single venti, with an extra shot....or two. Good grief. How do people go there on a regular basis??)

I was only in the car for a moment or two, but wouldn't you know the perfect little sound bite came on my Christian radio station? Have you ever noticed that the cross is a plus, not a minus sign? Jesus came that he could add and multiply, not to take away. I took a much needed moment to count my multiple blessings, and to pray for an increased measure of patience, tolerance, and gratefulness. I washed all that down with a venti and was ready to face the music once again by the time I pulled into my driveway.

So, old fashioned wall paper with your perky pink petals, I've waited for change for many years, and now that change is here I'm mourning the loss of things staying the same. I knew the painters would be on my doorstep bright and early this morning, presumably glancing around for a few buckets of paint to slap up on the walls. So, with my typical flair for working well under pressure, I finalized my color choices at the 11th hour and began unloading all my furniture well after darkness last night. The dresser drawers in my bedroom are brimming with china from my china hutch. My bathroom counter tops hold picture frames, candlesticks, and little figurines. I have pyramids of furniture in the center of every room downstairs, with a tiny parade of children and animals weaving among them. But I'm excited.

Goodbye, pink and blue flowers. It will seem strange to stumble into the kitchen early tomorrow morning for a non-Starbuck's start to my day, and not to see you there.


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Sandy said...

yessirreee...Can't wait to see the "afters"!!! Hope you love it!

Angelsoup said...

I have to agree! I went away camping and thought she'll have the after pictures up when I come home. But nothing...yet!

His Doorkeeper said...

I can't not wait to see your kitchen....such a nice kitchen and it will look great painted and no wall paper! Were you scared? Nervous for making the change??? I bet you love it!!