Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer's Here!

Today was the first day of our summer schedule for school.  We took last week completely off, and the week before that we learned a brand new concept in math.  Unfortunately, we finished off the unit that week but did not take the test.  I knew I couldn't give them the test today because it would be like splashing cold water in their face.  So, we reviewed.  At first, it seemed like they got every answer wrong, and I was getting impatient and discouraged.  When we got to the new concept, I got blank stares.  Nothing.  I gave some gentle reminders.  Still nothing.  

"You sure we learned this?  It doesn't look familiar."

I was ready to launch my paying attention/ taking ownership for what you are learning lecture.  That one is stunning.  It is forceful, and compelling, and motivates small children to learn quickly and effectively.  Or not.  But letting it roll off my tongue is like unlocking a valve on a pressure cooker, and it just feels good.  I have it memorized and can recite it at length given a moment's notice.  Just before take off, I glanced over a few of the problems involving the new concepts.  Darn if I could remember how to do them!!  I had to go fetch the teacher's manual.  I knew the answers, but couldn't remember the procedures we were supposed to use to get the answer.  Looks like the kids aren't the only ones who can't take an entire summer off from math.  Sheesh!!  Honestly, it's been a little hard for me to gear up for the idea of school this summer because I feel a dire need for a break.  But, today was a good reminder that even a small amount of daily drill will keep the gears grinding for ALL of us.  In theory, anyway.

Who's excited that summer has arrived???

And who is tired of watching through the window as the big kids get to have all the fun?  
And who doesn't like getting in the cool water once the sun goes down, and wants to be back inside looking out the window??
Mom came over tonight to bake an apple cake and watch Jon and Kate.  I'm so distraught over their marital woes and I keep hoping they are going to rise above and beat the odds.

But don't ask me how to figure the odds.  I can't seem to remember my math skills!  


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Tami said...

Wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment!

Your children are adorable...yikes math...never a favorite subject for me!

I am right there with you about John and Kate...I pray that they will over come what is between them.

Have a great day!