Monday, June 15, 2009

Cub Camp, Take One

I worked all morning to get ready for cub camp....cooler packed, gear organized, and food prepared. I popped a DVD in for Emma to watch.  She doesn't pay much attention to the TV yet, but anything musical does catch her fancy a bit.  The boys favorite movie when they were tiny was Wee Sing Train.  If we watched that singing train once we watched it a million times.  I found a cheap, old copy on Amazon and it just arrived in the mail.  Once that familiar music started playing the boys came down immediately.  

"Hey!  We remember this!!!"

Turns out, it kept THREE kids busy for an hour, which was two more than I had bargained for!  Emma curled up in Max's lap and he sang all the little songs to her.  
Cub scout camp is off and running.  It's hot out there...really, really hot....but we drink lots of water and huddle in the shade when possible.  It's a great time of bonding and activity for the boys.

We started with flag ceremony...
...made mini pizzas in cardboard box ovens...
...and shot bows and arrows.  Hayden got a gold bead for hitting a bulls eye!

One day down and four to go.  More packing, more food, more sunscreen, more fun.  

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