Saturday, May 9, 2009

We Now Interrupt This Homeshool For A Day of Fun!

Thursday was homeschool day at the amusement park. Hannah, Hayden and the Buzzard are roller coaster lovers, so they headed out with friends for a day of rides.

Max and I are ground dwellers, so we decided to stay home and go out on a special date. Here we are (I'm straight from the shower!) bidding everyone farewell and plotting our day together.

I think this is part of the reason why.  You usually don't dip french fries in your frosty in nicer restaurants.  Most people probably don't do it in fast food places either, but this winning combination puts Wendy's at the top of the list of Max's favorite places, so this is how we started our date.
We tried to go see a dollar movie, but I didn't read the Christian reviews online before we went and we ended up walking out of the theater after the first thirty minutes or so of Mall Cop.  It was a bit much for the PG rating.  Luckily, there was a putt-putt place just down the road, and they had batting cages and go-carts.

Max was the only one on the go-cart track when we arrived, so the guy was extra generous and gave him a really long ride.  He also let me step out on the grass in the middle of the track to get some great pictures.  Max  looked so amazing to me in that car!  I just sat on that grass and marveled at how quickly he is growing and maturing.  He picked up some major speed and was an excellent driver.  I could tell from the really intense look on his face that he was having a blast.  

Cool and old enough to tear it up in the batting cages and have it out on a race track.  Young and  tender enough to consider Mom a worthy date for the day.  Time, please stand still.  Just let me soak in these moments, and let me remember these days forever.

I especially  love this photo as he is stepping out of the go-cart pit.  Doesn't he look like an honest to goodness race car driver? 

We had to take a picture of this.  I told him I'd mention on my blog that this was the cage he was in.  :)  Hee hee.  Maybe someday.

We had a great day, and our roller coaster groupies had their fill of thrill too.  They arrived home sunburned and satisfied.  Hayden won a stuffed bear for Emma on the midway, so everyone had a reason to consider this a special day.  

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Em @ Bunch of Scrap said...

How sweet! I am glad you had a fun date... BTW dipping your fries in your Frosty isn't as weird as you think - I actually know a few people who do it!