Thursday, May 28, 2009

Did You Know I'm A Biker Chick?

Today I took the boys to the library on our bikes.  I’m just making that little announcement so all you who know me personally can marvel and admire.  I am a mighty big fan of getting to the library the old fashioned way -- in a minivan, with Christian talk radio and multiple a/c settings.  But, since I may have been a tad intense last week in my garage sale preparations, I made a personal commitment to do fun and loving things  with my kids every day this week.  

Because I’m a very fun loving gal. 

My reign of questionable judgement started at breakfast when I served up heaping portions of mini cinnamon rolls dripping in frosting, paired with big gulps of chocolate milk.  In a random wave of mothering euphoria the words, “Would you like to bike to the library today?” left my mouth before I ever even realized I had formulated the thought.  They said, “YES!!” faster than they could swallow a mini roll; and just like that, we had a plan.

By 8:15 a.m. all the bikes were lined up on the driveway and the boys had asked 57 times if it was time to go yet.  Since the library doesn’t even open until 10, I had to stay them off a bit.  I unfortunately got overly involved in email and laundry loads, so at precisely the time the noon sun was high in the sky and temperatures peaked, it was time to make good on my word.

Hubby gave me this incredibly fabulous Electra bike several years ago for Christmas.  Isn’t it funky and grand??I don't use it much anymore because I'm scared of it.  I had a biking mishap in Colorado a few summers ago that involved a broken nose and stitches, and ever since then I’ve been more of a four wheel kind of girl.  Four wheels, with seven passenger seating and a sunroof, that is.  Since the bike hasn’t seen much action lately, the boys suggested we pump up the tires.  Actually, they noticed I had a flat when we were almost out of the neighborhood; so we circled back, unhooked the gate, opened the fence, dug in the shed, and found the pump.  In a matter of mere minutes I was able to accomplish this...

Me and exercise.  We’re just not the best of pals, even though I wish we loved each other madly.

The boys, completely undeterred, whisked Buzz’s Electra out of the shed and gave it a good dusting.  I fancied it up a bit by transferring my little wicker basket to his bike; a feminine touch he’s bound to appreciate.  Reminding me several times of my Colorado mishap, the boys fitted me with a shiny silver bike helmet and prepped me on road safety.  :)

I only had a few white knuckle and sweaty palm moments, mostly due to low lying branches, curvy sidewalks, and crossing eight lanes of traffic.  Mainly I just peddled along and enjoyed my enthusiastic company.  The library had the Baseball Card Adventure Series books which were just recommended to us, so we have officially begun our summer reading routine.  The librarian didn't even seem concerned that we stood before her with helmet hair smelling like wet goats.

Today I attempted to speak the love language of boy.  Since my efforts involved a flat tire, sweating profusely, and checking out the VHS version of Star Wars that is ours, all ours, for seven whole days, I am counting it a success.  It was some fine summer lovin’. 


SmallWorld at Home said...

That sounds like SO much fun! I have "bike" on my to-buy list. Our city isn't the most bike-friendly place by any stretch of the imagination, but we do have a nice park trail. It's been years since I last had a bike.

Aunt J. said...

Love your new look. Sounds like you've been VERY busy lately!!

chickadee@afamiliarpath said...

i love that yellow bike. i'm terrible at bike riding. but it looks like so much fun.