Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cloudy, With a Chance of Storms

Last night a storm blew through the manor.  There was a minor misunderstanding (which failed to stay minor in my head) and I was M.A.D.  at the man who was entirely to blame.  (Because it's always entirely one person's fault, right??)  

Double mad.

In a peacemaking effort, Buzzard flew to Sonic late last night and presented me with a brimming cup of Sonic goodness to ease the pain and enhance my little late night blogging session.

Okay, that was kind of sweet.  The man does know how to work his way out of the doghouse...I give him that.

So, I sipped and blogged and sipped some more, until shortly after midnight, when I skidaddled to the bathroom with great swiftness and a rather pressing sense of urgency.  Uh-hem.  Perhaps you can relate that the only thing that could have made this situation more perilous would have been a big sneeze or a hardy laugh....and there hadn't been many of those here in storm country.

So, Buzzard is in bed sound asleep and I sneak into the bathroom in the dark trying not to wake him.  I dash back to the light switch because something isn't right.  Here is what I find.....

Are you kidding me??  Guess who decided to babyproof?  At 11:00 at night?!?!?!!!  Babyproof and mommyproof.  All the downstairs pottys are on lockdown, and there are no instructions anywhere.

I'll tell you one thing....that man better be thinking about another Sonic run today.

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Erin said...

LOL! Gotta love his initiative. :>