Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Box Day

Emma got a box in the mail today.  A spoiling box from the Grandparents.  A "just because we love you" box.  There is nothing more fun than getting a little unexpected treat in the mail.

The kids were all excited when they saw it on the doorstep.  They brought it in and opened it up right away, and immediately helped Emma enjoy her surprises.  She got the most clever little apron with pockets for crayons along the bottom hem.  This is a darling idea!  She used a crayon once in Sunday School, but this was her first time to try them out here at home.  I drew a rainbow for her and let her go to town.

This is her pointing to the crayons after I took them away as punishment for tasting the red one.  :)  
The apron is so cute on her.  She can wear it in her high chair now, and in the future we'll graduate to wearing it around the house, when we have more self control and learn the difference between drawing paper and wallpaper!
She also got a onesie with this logo...
I can hardly wait for the scout troop to see this one.  I love it!  I wish she would have been wearing it two weekends ago when she was crying in our tent.  :)  Perhaps it would have helped. She'll be stylin' at the campground in her ruffled mini skirt.  I hear that's what all the happy campers are wearing these days.
This is our new favorite book.  Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert.  Lots of colors, so we can learn all the names of our new crayons!  The book is big, and a little heavy, and she looks so adorable trying to haul it around and hoist it up on the couch.  The pages on the inside are all different sizes, so they are fun for little hands to play with.  
Thanks, Opa and Granna, for a wonderful surprise and an afternoon of fun!!!

And speaking of planting a rainbow, I really want to get some yard work done.  We are having company here to stay over the weekend, and we are throwing a little party.  My dining room window looks out on to my flower garden, which I still have to clean out from the winter.  Some of my perennials have come back and are blooming, but I need to get annuals planted and my flower pots filled.  The problem is, we've had rain nearly every single day.  It just won't dry out enough for me to get over there and work.  I really want it pretty for this weekend, so I need a patch of sunshine tomorrow or Thursday.  

I'm so desperate to plant that I found myself wandering the garden section at The Walmarts.  I couldn't resist coming home with a new hanging basket, because at the very least I can hang things on hooks in the rain!  I was smitten with this gorgeous plant that, according to the woman next to me, attracts hummingbirds like crazy.  You know I wasn't leaving it behind after hearing that!  
I put the plant in the back of my shopping cart, and Emma and I continued through the store.  That little stinker kept turning around and picking all my flowers!  I kept trying to distract her by handing her groceries, but the lure of those flowers was just too irresistible.  She must be part hummingbird.  :)   By the time I hustled through frozen foods she nearly had my little plant plucked bald.  She kept presenting me with blossoms, and by the time we reached check out, she had an entire little bouquet of flowers in the front of the cart.  
Of course, when we got home and I hung my new basket out in the rain, I noticed the tag said that it does well in cooler temperatures.  What???  Then why are they selling them where I live??  First my lovely basket was pecked nearly to death by a toddler, and now I've hung the remains out in what are soon to be scorching temperatures.  We'll see how it goes.  I'm off and running in my quest to plant a rainbow.  

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That apron is just too cute!