Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Walking Through Wednesday

Dear Emma,

You are sixteen months old now and I can hardly believe how quickly you are changing. Yesterday I bought you your very first nightgown. Nightgowns are sweeter and more feminine than regular pajamas, and I thought you would love wearing pictures of princesses to bed. I could hardly wait to admire you in your new gown.

Here's how that worked out for me.

You adore your big brothers, and find all their things irresistibly fun. Why will you wear that sweaty, stinky ball cap when you refuse to let me approach you with a headband or hairbow? How about you hand me that ball glove and I'll hand you something pink and furry to hold instead?? You're wearing princess jammies, remember??

You woke up from your nap today in a sweet and joyful mood. I love it when I go in to get you from your crib and you start laughing and jumping up and down with excitement. Are you thrilled to see me, or just thrilled to be rescued from the bed? We decided to sit in the chair in my bedroom to put your shoes on so we could take a little walk. You love shoes. You would rather play with them than have me install them on your feet, which is a challenge every. single. day. You love the little jingle bells on your shoelaces, and I love that we can hear you jingling your way through the house. The boys left a school book on the sidetable, and you insisted on reading. You love anything with pages, and are so far very careful with books. You like to tuck them in little baskets and carry them through the house with you.

You love to be outside, and when we get ready to take a little walk you get so excited you giggle uncontrollably. Walks with you are very busy. We motor right along.

We hunt and gather.

We stop to meet animals along the way. Today we met a puppy named Toby and you loved it when he licked your face.

We sits and we thinks. And we hold big sticks.

And we point out stuff. Lots and lots of pointing.

And at the end of our little walks these days I have to sit you in the little patch of wildflowers that are still going strong in the alley.
They will soon fade, just like these precious 16 month old moments, so I need to sit and drink in the beauty today. Drink it in and be in awe. Your eyes are as blue as the bluebonnets, the gentle sounds of your sweet laughter carries in the breeze, and your soft little hand wraps tightly around my pinky finger.
I'm so proud to be walking with you in these days.
I love you,


SmallWorld at Home said...

Beautiful post! I remember how distressed I was when my 2-year-old only wanted to wear khakis and denim shirts, because that's what her big brother wore! Now I look on that so sweetly!

birdgirl933 said...

Awwwwww! This is absolutely adorable....looks like she will turn into a bookworm, just like her sister!

Kate said...

I love the way you write and she is adorable!