Wednesday, April 22, 2009


The weather today was absolutely perfect. The boys had a friend here for part of lessons this morning, and as a reward for working hard we headed to the park for a picnic lunch and some well deserved play time.

Emma went down a slide, and somehow, something happened, somewhere between the top of the slide and the bottom. She came down in tears, and fell down when she tried to stand. At first I thought she was having a hard time getting her footing in all the fresh bark and mulch covering the playground. Each time she tried to stand and walk she crumpled into a heap. Then came the tears. I finally realized something was wrong.

We can't identify exactly what is hurting, but something is definitely bothering her. We took her to the doctor at 3:30, by which time she was completely exhausted because she had not had a nap yet. The doctor felt sure nothing was broken, and advised us to come home, take motrin, and see how she feels in the morning. If she is still limping, we will go in for x-rays tomorrow.

After a dose of motrin and a three hour nap she is still having a hard time tonight. She is up to three or four steps, but then she sits down and starts to crawl. Even her crawling is crooked as she seems to hold one leg out to the side. :( It is very sad to watch! The good news is that she hasn't cried any more and is in a good little mood. Obviously no sharp or bothersome pains. I'm feeling a little down, and am praying she is off and running by the morning.

I made a late night run to Walmart to get milk for breakfast. This visitor was waiting for me on the front porch. I think he stopped in to check on Emma. He toadally made her laugh. :)


K Groenbeck said...

Sorry to hear little Emma got hurt. How is she doing? I agree, it is so hard to see them hurt,especially when they are that small.

I'll say a little prayer for her tonight.


Barb said...

Oh, your funny visitor made me laugh too. What a great photo.

Poor little thing. I hate it when something hurts and they can't tell us. I hope she's OK.