Friday, January 30, 2009

The "Heart" of the Manor

This week my goal was to make the house frugally festive. You know what color you can find in the Christmas clearance bins? RED! Perfect for cheap Valentine decor. :)

I picked up some red candles for a whopping seven cents at Hobby Lobby and used them to make a little grouping on the coffee table in the living room. I got the idea for using a wall mirror as a platter for decorations when I saw a manger scene arranged on a mirror at Christmas time. I glued felt circles over the hangers on the back of the mirror so it would not scratch my table. Things like glass and crystal really sparkle when you set them on a mirror.

My Mom gave me this rustic little lantern for Christmas and I am crazy about it! I have it standing in my entry way, and it is the perfect tiny space to fill with seasonal goodies. It was full of snowflakes in January, and now hearts for February.

I set another clearance candle inside a big, glass bowl on the dining room table. I found a bag of glass rocks on sale at Michael's for 99 cents. They are a mixture of clear and frosted glass and little red hearts. Very cute for a buck!
Some danglies to dine by...

Cheap ribbon from Hobby Lobby and some garland from my gift wrap drawer dressed up my end table.

I had fun making a Thankful banner at Thanksgiving for the fireplace. So much so that I crafted a Blessings banner for Valentine's. I keep looking for just the right heart stickers or shapes to embellish the banner, but so far nothing on the sale isle has impressed me. Look how festive you can be with just some rope, ribbon, and paper! I painted the little clothes pins to match the papers this time.

Another Christmas clearance find inspired my mantle. They don't show up great in the photo, but red and white rhinestone picture frames were 70% off and I couldn't resist. I'm fairly certain Interior Decorating 101 will tell you to NEVER display photo frames without photos. Especially on a mantle. Really, it's very tacky. It makes you look like you have kids to feed and laundry to do and don't have time to complete your Valentine decorating scheme. So, there you have it....festive, frugal, and slightly unfinished. :)
For more show and tell this Friday, visit Kelli's blog.


LBP said...

What festive decorations! You really have a knack for it. I especially love the "blessings" banner!


A Hint of Home said...

It's looking great at your house. I love the lantern.

Terry & Dennis Macri said...

Great Job!!! I love being frugal

JudyBug said...

I love Hobby Lobby! Thankfully, I live far enough away that I don't get there very often...monthly at best. Love your pics and your special deals!

ceekay said...

Your decorations are perfect. I really like the lantern also. I am definately decorating right now on the cheap. Hope it doesn't look that way! Great job!

BECKY said...

You made everything look so festive, and there's nothing better than doing it frugally!! Very pretty! I'm sure your family really appreciates it, too!
Thanks for sharing it with us!!
Have a joyful weekend!!

Belinda said...

You may have been able to collect these items frugally, but they sure don't look frugal the way you have arranged them into such pretty Valentine's vignettes! :-)

Maria, Patchwork Mill said...

I like your "Blessings"! Great colors, nice work, really cheerful!
Thank you for sharing!

Alice said...

I love your decorations and what a great idea to hit the Christmas clearance stuff. The 'blessings' is really, really nice. It would look awesome in my house :O). Thanks for sharing.

You are always welcome in The Shadow of the Cross. Feel free to visit anytime.

Kathy said...

Everything is darling! I love your lantern and banner.

Kelli said...

I love your frugal Valentine decorations and the banner is beautiful! I need to make one, too! :0)