Thursday, December 11, 2008


I love all the added excitement that December brings. I know it is a busy month, but over the years I've resigned myself to the fact that I have to relax my standards in a few areas to allow time for the extra activities that make the holidays so fun.

I try really hard to find that fine balance between doing special things that make this month feel special, and sitting quietly with my family to let it all soak in and enjoy the true meaning of the season. Of course that isn't a perfect science. Sometimes I focus on all the details that are slipping through the cracks and I start to panic a bit. That happened to me yesterday. (My cards are not ordered, online gifts have to be purchased in time to ship, I have not prepared the awards for this weekend's scout banquet, we are out of milk and diaper wipes, and clean clothes? You mean I'm supposed to be doing laundry in December??) It was a relief to wake up this morning to a new day. Yesterday is behind me, and I have a fresh opportunity to find a new focus and a better balance. I've scheduled time in my day to work on a few of the things that caused me stress yesterday, and have determined to do a better job of serving with a little gladness in my heart today! Busy doesn't have to be a bad thing, but we sure do have to keep a tight reign on it so it doesn't crowd out the joy, right??

Here are some of the fun and festive things going on in our world lately...

I went to a mother/daughter advent event with my good friends Marci and Nichole and our mothers. We had some yummy desserts and attended a special advent service.

We met up with some homeschool friends to make graham cracker gingerbread houses. I accidentally bought the wrong kind of crackers for my family. They were little squares instead of big rectangles. The boys tackled that building challenge with little concern though, and managed to get plenty of candy on those little squares!

This one is extra special. Daddy brought home a balloon for the Monkey Bear on her birthday. She was fascinated, and we all sat and watched her play with it.

December days...merry and bright. What is everyone else doing for fun these days??

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jackie said...

I laughed out loud with the police car...wonder who made that?? hehehe I love that boy!