Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Birthday Boy


I remember this day eleven years ago. I have had four children, and Max's birth was by far the most eventful. It was chaotic, traumatic, and painful. His arrival into this world was hard fought and long, and a prime example of how Max has done things his own way, in his own time, right from the start. I will never forget the moment I first held Max. I had never been around a little boy before, and I was excited, and terrified. His delivery was scary for me, and I was so grateful he was here. I left the hospital early because I just wanted to get home and get about the business of meeting my new son. I've been fascinated with him every single day since then.

He was soft, and pink, and had huge hands. I didn't know a darn thing about being a Mom to a little boy, but I darn sure wanted to learn. Max has taught me a lifetime of lessons in the last eleven years; like how to laugh hard and pray even harder. There's never a dull moment, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm so proud of my oldest son. He's my bud, and I love him like crazy.

So, here it is! In honor of Max's big day....eleven things that make him who he is!

1 - Max loves horses, cowboys and the rodeo.
2 - Can run like the wind. He is small, and lean, and lightning quick.
3 - Hates having crumbs on his fingers and is the tidiest eater I've ever seen.
4 - Could eat his weight in gummy bears in one sitting.
5 - Legos, legos, legos! He can build ANYTHING.
6 - Shares a room with his brother and can't go to bed without giggling for thirty minutes first.
7 - Gave his heart to Jesus and was baptized this year.
8 - Fell in love with Emma and is more help than I ever dreamed possible.
9 - Has been known to hide the dog poop in my flowers to avoid his daily chore of scooping it.
10 - Can truly make me laugh until I cry. Except when he hides dog poop, in which case I just cry.

Since I'm at the end of the list, I just asked Max to tell me something about himself. I wanted to make sure I haven't forgotten anything important. He says to me, in his best Hollywood voice, "I'm handsome, cool, and the llllladies lllllllove me." So.....we have it......

11 - Modest.

I wish I had the ability to scan a baby photo, but this is Max on his 6th birthday, when we got our first digital camera. He has always been killer cute with white blond hair and big blue eyes. No wonder the lllladies llllove him. This lady does for sure. Happy Day, Max!


Sandy said...

Happy Birthday Max!
What a very special boy you are. This lady loves you lots too!


jackie said...

I love this boy more than words can say:-) Happy Birthday STUD!